Fire Alarm Control Panel
POLON 4100

Fire Alarm Control Panel


The interactive addressable POLON 4100 fire alarm control panel is a newest generation equipment, designed for detecting and signalling a fire, informing appropriate intervention services (e.g. Fire Department), as well as for control of fire protection safety devices. It enables protection of small, mid-size and large facilities such as: office buildings, hospitals, theatres, shopping centres, warehouses, and industrial buildings. It is perfectly suited for operation in security installations in “intelligent” buildings due to its ability of transmitting a great amount of digital information to integration and supervision systems as well as to fire monitoring systems.

Line elements that can be installed in detector lines:

- 4043 and 4046 model range multi-state detectors,

- ROP-4001M, ROP-4001MH manual call points,

- ADC-4001M addressable unit,

- SAL-4001 addressable signalling device,

- EKS-4001 input/output device,

- EWS-4001 multi-output control device,

- EWK-4001 multi-input supervising device,

- UCS 6000 universal control panel.


Supply voltagemains 230 V +10 % -15 %/50 Hz
Reserve supply 24 V DC sourcesecondary battery max 22 Ah
Pobór prądu w stanie dozorowaniamax. 700mA
Number of addressable lines2 x 64 addressable elements
Max. number of detector zones 128
Number of alarm variants 17
Programmable outputs:
2 relay outputs with potential-free, change-over contacts 1 A / 24 V
1 signal line 0.5 A / 24 V
Programmable inputs:
2 monitoring lines
Operating temperature rangefrom -5 oC up to +40 oC

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