POLON 6000 protects the multimodal transport and railway in Łódź

This multimodal train station is the largest and most modern in Poland. Despite the gigantic dimensions inside the facility, the passenger does not feel overwhelmed by the great space.

The fire safety of this exceptional investment is ensured by the POLON 6000 – distributed fire alarm and detection system manufactured by POLON-ALFA

POLON 6000 was created to protect the most demanding facilities in Poland. The Łódź Fabryczna train station is just such an object. There are several dozen fire zones supervised by several thousands of line elements of the POLON system. Depending on where the fire occurs, several fire scenarios has been implemented. Building automation devices are also included, ie ventilation systems located in several ventilation rooms, fire curtains, access control and voice evacuation systems. All events information on the object are transferred to the cooperating with POLON 6000 control panel system GEMOS. The cooperation of those systems has resulted in a modern and effective fire safety system that protects tens of thousands of people using this ultra-modern and user-friendly facility.

The POLON 6000 is a new generation system, which characteristic feature is the distributed architecture of connections between elements of the system. The capabilities of this system are enormous - 396 detection lines and the ability to connect up to 99,000 smoke detectors and other line elements. Monitoring lines can have up to 250 line elements in a single loop and all control outputs are designed to control 230V. Standard equipment is Ethernet and industrial communication protocol MODBUS. The system is complemented by a colourful 10 "LCD touch panel that allows for the user an easy and convenient communication with the system.


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