POLON-ALFA in Romania

The next important event has just passed. We are not slowing down this year’s pace of our active presence. The POLON-ALFA S.A. company has become a part of ROMANIAN SECURITY FAIR 2018 the biggest Romanian security exhibition in Bucharest.

Between 18-20 of November 2018, the ASTAL Security company, which is a part of AAT HOLDING S.A. group and a distributor of POLON-ALFA products and the provider of the complex security solutions, had shown our products on their impressive stand.

The all available and freshly developed POLON-ALFA devices were shown, including the POLON 6000 Fire Detection System, UCS 6000 Universal Control Panel, SDG-6000 Gas Detection System, new designed IGNIS 2500 panel and well known as well on Romanian market the POLON 4000.

The intense ASTAL activity had made, that POLON-ALFA signed devices are widely recognizable by Romanian companies which are involved with fire security. The technical support engineers who were a part of the exhibition, were asked mostly with concrete applications for the devices and for new developed devices.

We are pleased with large visitors count, as well as the fact, the all our guests on the stand were not appeared there by accident and they were interested in POLON-ALFA offer.

Thumbs up for the next time!


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