The International Security Fair SECUREX 2018 is one of the biggest trade fairs, which during its twenty second edition, between April 23rd and 26th, brought together all major companies related to the security business.

During this exhibition POLON-ALFA apart from well-known and proven devices, presented the following new products and systems:

- Dual zone automatic fire extinguishing system IGNIS 2500 designed to detect fire and control fixed extinguishing systems containing extinguishing agents like gases, liquids or aerosols and monitoring this process.

- Gas detection system SDG 6000 design to detect and signal presence of flammable gases (natural gas-methane, propane-butane gas) and dangerous concentrations of carbon monoxide. The system consists of a CDG 6000 gas detection control panel and addressable gas detectors. It may be complemented by ASG-2000 (autonomous gas detectors) that can work independently or create small system of several cooperating detectors.

We would like to thank heartily all the guests for their visit at our stand. We are looking forward to cooperate with you in the near future.



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