As in previous years, the event has brought close to three hundred participants in the security industry.

This year, the theme of the meeting was "Fire protection for buildings - fire detection".

Widespread use of fire detection and fire alarm systems is a good way to ensure a high level of facility security and fire protection. Fast and reliable fire detection helps to reduce material losses and save lives. The basic elements of each detection system are fire detectors. The principle of fire detectors is to detect combustion products emitted during a fire such as smoke, gas, heat and radiation. The designer of the fire alarm system should ensure the proper selection of the detectors so that the fire is detected as early as possible.

During the Workshop the following lectures were done:

"Principles of risk assessment in fire insurance" - Robert Kuczkowski, PZU Lab

"Phenomena occurring during fire-fire detection methods" - Mariusz Sobecki, SITP Legnica

"Rules of selection of fire detectors for detecting possible fires in buildings" -Waldemar Wnęk, SGSP Warszawa

"Methods of fire detection in selected industrial objects" - Marek Podgórski, SITP Warszawa

"Changes to national certification documents" - Grzegorz Mroczko, CNBOP-PIB Józefów

In addition to the invited speakers, Polon-Alfa technical support engineers - Krzysztof Marchlewski and Mariusz Radoszewski presented a presentation on the company's new developments. They introduced new functionalities of POLON 6000 system (including service mode) and DOT-4046 detector (coincidence of two sensors). Also the new I/O device EKS-6222P with the highest current load (12A) available on the market were presented. It’s a monitoring  and control device dedicated to the POLON 6000 system. In addition, a completely new line of DUO detectors 6046 and 6043, which are a combination of the IR and UV based detectors offered so far. The TLD-6000 line tester, with which a complete picture of the detection lines  can be captured without the need to install the control panel and the ROP-4007 wireless manual call point using the radio link to communicate with the control panel via the ACR-4001.

At the end of the lecture, POLON-ALFA latest "baby" was presented - a full range of gas detection products, which caused a lot of curiosity among the workshop participants.

This new branch of the company's production includes the CDG 6000 control panel and addressable and autonomous detectors of propane-butane, methane and carbon monoxide.

This year, for the first time, responding to customer suggestions, experts panel discussions were prepared, covering the following topics:

"Fire protection methods. Atypical objects "

"Practical aspects of risk assessment in insured facilities".

It seems that this new form of confrontation of knowledge and views will be permanently integrated into the SAP Workshops program.

Traditionally, all participants of the event received materials with presentations and latest designer's guides.

The formal dinner of the first day was celebrated by the well-known and well-known cabaret "Formacja Chatelet". On the second day, after the substantive part of the meeting, also came time to rest. Participants of the workshop, had a chance to take part in a cruise on Lake Jeziorak (the longest lake in Poland) and admire the beautiful surroundings from the deck of the ship.

Thanks for attending this year's meeting, we would like to invite you to the next year's Jubilee XXV Nationwide Workshop which will traditionally take place in the first half of September.




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