POLON-ALFA S.A. (formerly Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Sp. k.) invites you to cooperation Investors, Designers and Companies Instalatorsko-Conservation.

TTo all our clients we offer professional training, including fire alarm systems manufactured which are taught by highly qualified specialists. Trainings are held regularly at the company headquarters, as well as in the branches of our main distributor of AAT Holding S.A.and with customers.

Engineers at the Customer Service Department provides full technical support ranging from consulting project through consultations during the installation of equipment in the facility, to final inspection.

Professional approach to each issue already during the development of the fire alarm system makes all our customers' needs are met on an ongoing basis.

Promotion and Advertising Department offers to all our clients comprehensive marketing support regularly preparing product catalogs and folders. We are continually improving and expanding our website, so that in a simple and user-friendly way could be found on all the information sought.

Especially for cooperating with the company Designers already prepared two guides Designer: "Devices POLON 6000 fire alarm installation projects" and "fire alarm devices IGNIS 1000/2000 and POLON 4000 installation projects". These items quickly became bestsellers on the market for specialist publications.

For over twenty years we organized the largest in Poland workshop "Fire signaling and automation of SAP," which gather professionals from the broader security industry. The meeting provides an excellent platform for exchange of knowledge and experience related to fire safety.

Polon-Alfa is a member of the Association of Fire Engineers and Technicians and the National Association of Manufacturers of Fire Protection and Rescue Equipment. Both organizations bring together the company with an established position that meets the requirements for the quality of marketed products. For many years, we work to promote fire safety in the community and the environment, as well as give opinions on the work of standardization, unification and typification production.

Working with universities, by participating in the training process, we contribute to the development of future managers and fire industry professionals.

We invite you to cooperation!



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