Fire alarm control panel

POLON 4200


The POLON 4200 fire alarm control panel is designed to integrate all interactive addressable POLON 4000 fire alarm system elements.

The control panel co-ordinates operation of all units in the system and decides about actuation of a fire alarm, control of the interoperating signalization and fire protection equipment as well as transmitting information to the monitoring centre or to the supervising system.

The POLON 4200 control panel is recommended for protection of various premises (especially medium size buildings) such as hotels, office buildings, banks, warehouses, historical buildings, „intelligent” buildings, etc.

The POLON 4200 control panel interoperates with 4043 model range detectors - without possibility to use interactive alarm variants - on with such possibility when using 4046 model range detectors.

Supply voltage: main

50Hz, 230V +10% - 15%

Supply voltage: standby

24V 17Ah to 38Ah HP7-12 KOBE

Max. quiescent current consumption


Max. current consumption from power grid


Max. loop capacity


Max. loop current

50mA (20mA)

Max. current for auxiliary devices


Line elements installed in detection lines

analogue detectors type 4043, 4046;

manual call points ROP-4001, ROP-4001H, ROP-4001M, ROP-4001MH;

adapters ADC-4001M, ADC-4001;

sirens SAL-4001; input/output devices EKS-4001

multi-output devices EWS-4001;

multi-input devices EWK-4001

Potential-free supervised relay output

current load 1A/24V

Number of addressable lines


Numer of alarming variants


Signaling lines (potential)


Number of detectors in line


Auxiliary devices output current carrying capacity


ADC-4001M current consumption from detection line

0.5, 1.33, 2.2, 2.5, 6.8, 16mA (w zależności od trybu pracy)

Current consumption by elements like detectors, manual call points, signalling devices, EKS, EWS, EWK-4001

from 130uA to 170uA (depending from the element type)

Programmable outputs

8 relays 1A/24V; 1 linia sygnałowa o obciążalności 0.5A/24V; 1 linia sygnałowa o obciążalności 0.1A/24V;

Programmable inputs

2 monitoring inputs

Max. detection line resistance


Detection line type

loop with ability to eliminate short circuit or wire break, radial

Compatibility with devices

computer keyboard, computer, digital surveillance system, parallel indication terminals TSR-4000

Time programming ranges

confirmation of the I-st stage of alarm 0-10min;

fire alarm verification time 0-10min;

alarm output delay time 0-10min;

Number of detection lines


Max. number of point detectors in line


Max. number of beam detectors in line


Max. number of manual call points in line


Number of general alarm relay outputs

1 change-over

Number of addresses

on a lines 64

Number of detection zones


Ingress protection

IP 30

Operating temperature range

from -5°C to 40°C

Dimensions (mm)



without battery approx. 11kg

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