Automatic fire extinguishing control panel



The IGNIS 1520M automatic fire extinguishing controller is designed to detect a fire and control the regular fire extinguishing equipment containing gaseous, liquid or aerosol extinguishing agents as well as to monitor the self-activating extinguishing process. The controller works with the 40 model range conventional fire detectors and the specialized PU-61 and PW-61 push buttons, allowing for manual activation and disen-gagement of the fire extinguishing process. It also works with the SD-1, SO-1 acoustic and optical warning devices.


After detecting a fire, the IGNIS 1520M controller can carry out the following:

  • control the warning signal system with the option of programming of the evacuation period duration,
  • programme the delay time of hermetically sealing off premises after releasing a fire extinguishing agent,
  • control technological equipment,
  • control fire separators (doors, windows, etc.),
  • control technological ventilation or air-conditioners,
  • control power supply,
  • control technological devices,
  • control fire walls (doors, windows etc.),
  • control the fire extinguishing systems using outputs (with programmed operating time of electric impulses), intended for the activation of the electromagnetic valve and directional valve pertaining to gaseous extinguishing agent in a gaseous form or the water valve for water extinguishing equipment.

An automatic fire extinguishing process is initiated by:

  • simultaneous activation of fire detectors located in two detecting lines, the operation of which includes the option of initial programming of preliminary reset of detectors,
  • pressing the PU-61 push button (START OF FIRE EXTINGUISHING),
  • pressing the START OF FIRE  EXTINGUISHING push button located in the controller.

An activation of fire detectors in only one detecting line will be signalled by a controller as a fire alarm without activation of the fire extinguishing system.
An automatic fire extinguishing process takes place in two phases:

  •  a WARNING phase – intended for evacuating people from the fire extinguishing zone. The audible and optical signalisation will be switched on for a programmed period (from 0 to10 minutes). During this time it is possible to abort the extinguishing process by pressing the BLOCKADE EXTINGUISHING button on the controller or by switching on the PW-61 button (STOP EXTINGUISHING) connected to the control panel,
  • an EXTINGUISHING phase – designated for the fire extinguishing resulting from transmitting control signals from the panel to the electromagnetic coil opening the pilot cylinder with the extinguishing gas or electromagnetic actuator, which opens the water valve.
Supply voltage: main

50Hz, 230V +10% - 15%

Supply voltage: standby

2pcs. 12V /7Ah HP7-12 KOBE

Max. quiescent current consumption


Max. current consumption from power grid


Numer of alarming variants


Number of detectors in line


Detection line isolation resistance

100 kΩ or more

Detection line resistance

max 2 x 120Ω

Relay outputs

potential free in control panle 11 load 1A 24V

Number of detection lines


Number of extinguishing zones


Max. number of manual call points in line


Number of monitoring lines


Number of detection zones


Operating temperature range

from -5°C to 40°C

Dimensions (mm)



without battery < 6kg

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