Multi-sensor heat and flame detector


Conventional, heat and flame detector

Principles of operation:
The heat sensor is a thermistor, which reacts to the rise of temperature occurring during the first stage of a fire. At the time of the simultaneous detection of both the increase in temperature and flame detector transmits an alarm signal to the fire alarm control panel. The use of two sensors eliminates the possibility of false alarms and allows the use of detectors in areas where due to the amount of dust or dirt that was not previously possible.

The TOP-40 detectors can operate in  lines/loops of the IGNIS 1000 or on the side line of ADC-4001M adapter in POLON 4000 fire alarm control panels.




conventional, multisensor, point


to work in normal conditions


temperature and flame

Operational voltage

9 VDC - 28 VDC

Quiescent current consumption

≤ 90 µA

Current consumption in alarm mode

20 mA

Detector class

A1R acc. to PN-EN 54-5 and 2 PN-EN 54-10

Detected test fires

TF1 to TF5 and TF8


conventional detector without addresses

Operating temperature range

from -20°C to 55°C

Relative humidity

to 95% at 40°C

Dimensions of detector with base

Ф115 x 71mm


0.20 kg

Enclosure colour


Other parameters

Viewing range - max 17 m (2 sensitivity class), IR detector viewing range - 60⁰

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