Universal wireless smoke detector


Wireless smoke detector.

The DUR-4047 detector is designed for detection of a visible smoke,concurent with an early stage of an open fire ignition. In the moment of fire hazard the detector transmits an alarm signal to the fire alarm control panel. Thanks to wireless communication is perfectly suitable to protect historical buildings and churches and to adaptation of new premises in buildings which already have  POLON 4000 fire alarm system.

The DUR-4047 detectors can operate in lines/loops of the POLON 4100, POLON 4200, POLON 4900, POLON 4500 and POLON 6000 addressable fire alarm systems by wireless detector adapter ACR-4001.


addressable, wireless, point


to work in normal conditions



Operational voltage

3 VDC - 2 Li batteries CR123

Quiescent current consumption

< 80 µA

Current consumption in alarm mode

in failure or alarm state < 1 mA

Detected test fires

TF1 to TF5 and TF8


address coding automatically from control panel

Operating temperature range

from -25°C to 55°C

Relative humidity

to 95% at 40°C

Dimensions of detector with base

Ф115 x 54mm


0.20 kg

Enclosure colour


Other parameters

Radio channel frequency range - 863-870MHz, Distance to adapter - up to 100m according to environmental damping, Radio communication method - multichannel with confirmation, Working time in supervision up to 3 years, Number of cooperating detectors - max 16

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