Universal heat detector



The TUN-6046 universal heat (temperature) detector is designed to detect a fire hazard in indoor premises where during an initial stage of a fire a rapid rise of temperature may occur or the temperature may exceed a pre-set danger level.

The detector can be programmed from the control panel. Depending from chosen temperature class detector can operate as fixed, rate-of-rise and fixed/rate-of-rise heat detector. There is possibility to program one of the following temperature class according to PN-EN 54-5: A1, A2, B, A2S, BS, A1R, A2R or BR. TUN-6046 detector is dedicated to operation on addressable detection loops of POLON 4000 and POLON 6000 systems fire alarm control panels.

Coding of the detector address can be done automatically at the control panel level – the address code is saved in its nonvolatile memory.

The detectors are connected to the non-addressable G-40 bases. An additional optical alarm signal of a detector or a group of detectors can be obtained by connecting the WZ-31 alarm indicator.


addressable, point


to work in normal conditions



Operational voltage

16,5 VDC - 24,6 VDC

Quiescent current consumption

≤ 150 µA

Current consumption in alarm mode

potential mode max. 8 mA

Detector class

A1, A2, B, A2S, BS, A1R, A2R, BR acc. to PN-EN 54-5

Detected test fires

TF1 to TF5 and TF8

Mode of operation

mechanical - jumper


address coding automatically from control panel

Operating temperature range

from -25°C to 65°C

Relative humidity

to 95% at 40°C

Dimensions of detector with base

Ф115 x 54mm


0.20 kg

Enclosure colour


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