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The ZCR-4001 wireless radio detector set is designed for early detection of a fire in premises, where wiring connection of the detectors and the control panel is not possible. The above wireless set contains at least one universal wireless smoke detector - DUR-4047 and the ACR-4001 radio detector adapter, which can work with up to 16 wireless radio detectors.

The DUR-4047 processor based wireless radio optical smoke detector is designed for detection of a visible smoke, concurrent with an early stage of an open fire ignition that is when material begins to smoulder, i.e. a long time before the appearance of an open flame and a rise in temperature.

The DUR-4047 wireless radio optical smoke detector can operate only in lines/loops of all addressable POLON 4000 system fire alarm panels via the detector’s wireless ACR-4001 adapter. The detector is power supplied by two batteries.

The ACR-4001 adapter is an addressable device, enabling the connection of radio detectors (recognized by the control panel as a branch of the monitoring line) to an addressable loop of the POLON 4000 system fire alarm control panels.

The control panel recognizes each radio detector with its own address, declared by the ACR-4001 adapter as a separate detector.

Radio frequency operating range

868 - 870MHz waveband f, k

Maximum radiated power


Operation voltage

16.5V -24V

Method of stabilizing the frequency

frequency synthesizer, quartz resonator

Radio communication type

Multichannel confirmation

Range (depending form the environment damping)

up to 100m

Modulation type


Antenna type


Maximum quiescent current


The number of assigned elements

16 radio detectors DUR-4047

Operating temperature

from -25°C to 55°C

Relative humidity

up to 95% at 40°C

Dimensions (without base) (mm)

Ø 115 x 133



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