Addressable unit


The ADC-4001M adapter works in detector lines/loops of the POLON 4000 control panels. It is designed to transfer information about the status of the detector line connected to the adapter, so called ‘side line’ (conventional), as well as about the status of the POLON-ALFA produced non-addressable double-status 30 or 40 model range detectors installed in thisline.

The ADC-4001M unit also enables the following:

  • creation of an intrinsically safe detector line by installing in an side line intrinsic detectors or call points behind an intrinsically safe barrier;
  • connection of additional, atypical equipment (e.g. gas detectors, cable detectors), to the fire alarm system installation as well as creating hierarchical systems for small satellite panels.

The ADC-4001M adapter is installed in the G-40 base.

Operation voltage

16.5V -24V

Max side line load current (at choice)

0.15mA or 0.3mA or 1mA or 2mA

Max side line resistance

max 2 x 25 Ohm

Operating temperature

from -25°C to 55°C

Dimensions (without base) (mm)

Ø 115 x 133



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