Addressable acoustic sounder (with voice messages)



Addressable acoustic sounders SAW-6006 are designed for acoustic signalization of fire with voice messages. They are dedicated for operation in addressable detection lines of POLON 6000 and POLON 4000 system only. They are activated by the control panel when all programmed criterion are fulfilled e.g. fire alarm in particular zone, general fire alarm etc.


Electronic circuits with piezoelectric sounder are fitted into red housing made with flame retardant material. Inside the housing there is a place to put and connect 9 V battery. The sounder is installed in G-40S base which is made with the same material and which is a kit with the sounder. There is a screwless connector inside the base for connection of wires. There is six connectors: two pairs marked as “+” and “-“ for connection of detection loop (input and output) and two for optional external power supplier.


tone, voice, acustic, low current





Supply voltage

9.6VDC - 30.0VDC

Supply voltage from detection line

16.5VDC - 24.6VDC

Supply voltage of external power supply unit

9.6VDC - 30VDC

Current consumption from external power supply

≤ 50µA with 24 VDC supply with 24 VDC supply

Sound level

to 103dB

Operating temperature range

from -25°C to 55°C

Housing ingress protection

IP 21C


Ф 115x70 mm



Other parameters

acc. to PN-EN 54-3, Battery 6LR61 working time in alarm mode - min 3h, Battery 6LR61 working time in quiescent mode - 2 to 5 years, Number of sound patterns - 15 + no signal

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