Smoke detector tester


The smoke detectors’ tester uses the A3-001 test aerosol placed in a special head. It is designed to test installed smoke detectors, both ionizing and optical.

The smoke detector tester can be supplied in two different versions with different pole lengths.

- TD808-101 - consisting of a two-section telescopic pole 2.5 m long (which allows the testing of smoke detectors installed to a height of 4 m) and the head of the aerosol container A3-001;
- TD809-101 - consisting of a four-pole telescopic pole with a length of 4.5m (which allows the testing of smoke detectors installed to a height of 6m) and an aerosol dispenser head A3-001.
The aerosol container is placed in the smoke emitting head. The smoke detector test kit does not contain the aerosol container A3-001. it must ordered it separately.

Method of usage
Take the detector with the head and spray the medium for no more than 1 second. Repeat every 10 seconds until the detector signals an alarm. Failure to do so may result in damage of the detector. In the event of an alarm, move the head away from the detector, allowing the aerosol particles to exit the detection chamber of the detector.

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