Power supply module 150W


In the POLON 6000 control panel, it's possible to  install the power suppliers with a power of 150 W (MZ-60-150) or 300 W (MZ-60-300).
The power module consists of a power suppllier  (power module) and power control module MZP-60.

The MZ- 60-150 module in implementation of 150W (5A for 30V) can be mounted in the housing of control panel interchangeably with mounting rails SM-60.

During the declaration of the MZP-60 module is necessary to declare the capacity of attached reserve batteries:
  • range 1: batteries from 17 up to 40Ah – current consumption max. 2,1 A;
  • range 2: batteries from 41 up to 65Ah – current consumption max 3,5 A;
  • range 3: batteries from 66 up to 34Ah – current consumption max 7,0 A.


Detection line isolation resistance

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