Alarm indicator



The WZ-31 alarm indicator is designed for optical repeated signalization of the state of a detector or a set of detectors in fire alarm systems. It can be connected to conventional or addressable detector lines.

Principles of operation

The WZ-31 optical alarm indicator signals an alarm mode of one or at least one of the interoperating detectors by a red LED diode. Max. current flow (through the indicator) - 20 mA. The LED diode indicator is powered by a current flowing through the detector in the alarm mode. In a conventional detection circuit of fire alarm systems the diode light is steady, in addressable systems – the diode emits a flashing light signal. Do not mount the indicator on surfaces strongly illuminated.

The WZ-31 alarm indicator should be installed in visible places on walls or ceilings.

Max. current of remote alarm indicator


Max. cross-section of connected wires

1.5 mm2




Ф 47x26 mm

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