Input/output element


 EKS-6040 element is equipped with 4 low voltage inputs.

Addressable, input-output elements type EKS-6000 are dedicated for:

  • activation (using its relay contacts) of fire protection and fire alarm devices
  • monitoring efficiency of controlled devices
  • monitoring the state of any devices,

Inputs Low Voltage (LV) of element allows you to connect independent, potential-free contacts normally closed or normally open. Inputs high-voltage (HV) component allows you to connect independent contacts at voltages up to 230 VAC or 220 VDC. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor facilities.

Elements type EKS-6000 can operate in addressable detection lines of POLON 6000 series panels only.

Input-output elements type EKS-6000 are available in the following configuration:

EKS-6040        -  4 low voltage inputs,

EKS-6004        -  4 outputs,

EKS-6022        -  2 low voltage inputs, 2 outputs,

EKS-6044        -  4 low voltage inputs, 4 outputs,

EKS-6202        -  2 high voltage inputs, 2 outputs,

EKS-6400        -  4 high voltage inputs,

EKS-6222P     -   2 high voltage outputs/inputs and 2 low voltage inputs (12A/230 VAC).



Monitoring unit

Detection line load according to selected operating mode


Number of monitoring inputs


Activation of monitoring input

potential-free contact NO or NC

File name Description  


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