ZS-6000 Service Kit


The ZS-6000 Service Kit includes the following components:

- SC-6000 detector head (detachable), designed for removing or installing 40, 4043, 4046 and 6046 series detectors mounted in base G-40.

 (The bases should be rigidly fixed on the ceiling and should have the lock removed);

TM-6000 Magnetic Tester (head), designed for 6000 detectors with built-in hallotron (TUN-6046, DUT-6046, DTC-6046) which stimulated by the tester and indicate their location in the installation.
- telescopic pole 210 - 390 cm long;
- telescopic pole with length of 160 - 290 cm
- adapter holder for telescopic pole, smoke tester or SOLO type imitator from No Climb Products Ltd.

The ZS-6000 can be used up to 5 or 6 m (depending on the pole used).

Attach the head to the telescopic pole and secure it against falling out with a screw on the pole. When mounting the magnetic tester head, check the location and correctness of the communication of the detector installed by bringing the sensor head closer to the detector so that the signal lights are visible. Blinking of the detector’s LED indicate the detector’s respond.

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