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Analogue multi-sensor heat, smoke and carbon monoxide detector DTC-6046 is designed for detection of combination of visible smoke, rise of temperature and presence of carbon monoxide at the very early stage of fire. The detector is resistant to air movement and air pressure changes. Using of doubled smoke sensor (IR and UV range) and doubled heat sensors guarantee high resistance to false alarms caused by water vapors or dust. DTC-6046 detector is dedicated to operation on addressable detection loops of POLON 4000 and POLON 6000 systems fire alarm control panels.

Principle of operation

The principle of operation of smoke detection is based on Tyndall effect – light is reflected form the smoke particles which get into the measurement chamber. The light emitted by transmitting photodiode, after is reflected form the particles of smoke, is received by the receiving photo element and causing change of the photocurrent. Rise of temperature in the vicinity of detector causes resistance change of one or two thermistors. Carbon monoxide presence is detected by appropriate sensor. Information from these sensors are subjected to the advanced analysis by the detector’s microprocessor which evaluate the level of fire threat.

Two-wire, addressable fire detection loop is used for the communication between the detector and the control panel. Unique and digital communication protocol enables to exchange following information between detector and control panel: amount of smoke, temperature level with its trend and carbon monoxide presence.
The microprocessor that control the detector supervises the operation of basic detector’s circuits and sends appropriate information to the panel in case of fault.

The DTC-6046 is an analogue detector with the selfadjustment feature which guarantee constant sensitivity level during the detector operation time even if any dirtiness appears inside measurement chamber. When the certain dirtiness level is exceeded the detector sends to the control panel information about the maintenance necessity.

Any fault, technical alarm and activation of internal short circuit insulator is indicated by the yellow blinks of LED indicators.
The detector can be loosely programmed what offers a very high flexibility. The possible settings are: interdependent operation of two smoke sensors and heat sensors, independent operation of all sensors, coincidence between at least two sensors, logical AND between two chosen sensors etc.

Operating temperature range

from -25°C to 55°C

Enclosure colour


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