Fire manual call points



Addressable, indoor.


The wireless manual call points ROP-4007 are designed to signal the presents of fire to the fire alarm control panel by a person who noticed the fire danger and activated the call point. The wireless manual call points must be connected to the POLON 4000 or POLON 6000 fire alarm panels’ detection lines using wireless elements’ adapter ACR-4001 installed in the detection line.
Wireless devices are recommended to use when detection lines installation is difficult or even not possible, e.g., in historical sites, churches etc.

Principle of operation

The ROP-4007 and ROP-4007H manual call points are activated after striking or firmly pressing the protective glass and pressing the alarm button. The alarm mode is signalled by a flashing red LED diode, which confirms initiation of the fire alarm system.
Communication between the POLON 4000 or POLON 6000 system control panel and the manual call point ROP-4007 is carried out through the detector’s wireless
ACR-4001 adapter. The manual call points communicates with the adapter using the radio protocol and a possibility of changing the radio channel. During operation radio interferences are monitored and in an event of an occurrence of an interference the radio channel is changed, which allows further, uninterrupted operation of the manual call points. Any wireless call point must be assigned to the ACR. As a result, the control panel recognizes each manual call point by its own address. Manual call points are powered with two batteries.


The manual call points ROP-4007 come in a standard red plastic casing. The hinged transparent cover made of unbreakable plastic protects the element against accidental activation of the call point. The call points are designed for semi-flush wall mounting installation. Surface mounting requires using a special masking frame (ordered separately)


adressable type B

Start-up type

typ B

Enclosure ingress protection

IP 30

Wire conductor diameter

0,8 - 1,2 mm

Flush mounting hole

Ф 80 x 22 mm

Housing colour



102x98x46 mm

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