Addressable gas detector CO


PSG-6103 CO (carbon monoxide) loop powered


         Addressable PSG-6103 gas detectors are designed to detect and continuously monitor the presence of flammable and toxic gases in potentially hazardous areas, especially in garages and boiler rooms. When they are exceeded, the detectors send information to the cooperating CDG 6000. The control panel triggers the ventilation in order to remove excess harmful gases from the room and may also provide a control signal to the gas shut off valve. PSG-6103 detectors operate only on surveillance lines of addressable CDG 6000 gas detection panels. They don't require additional external power supply. They are operate from the detection line.

Principle of operation:

          Microprocessor detector measurement systems continuously analyze the gas concentration in the room and compare it with the values of the relevant alarm thresholds. Each detector has a set of three alarm thresholds, related to a strictly defined concentration of gas in the air. When they are exceeded, the detectors send information to the cooperating CDG 6000. The control panel also states that the sensor has been damaged or that it needs to be calibrated. Detectors have built-in removable gas sensor modules (module MSG-6001 – CNG, module MSG-6002– LPG, module MSG-6003 – CO), which allows to reduce the cost of their operation. Detectors are equipped with double-sided short circuit isolators.


Addressable detectors range PSG-6000 are available in the following variants:

Detected gas

CNG (natural gas)

(selective methane)


(propane butane)


(carbon monoxide)






Sensor module





Type of sensor





Sensor supply

external 9÷30 V

external 9÷30 V

external 9÷30 V

from the detection line

Technical parameters:




 Power supply voltage

 external 9 ÷ 30 V DC9 ÷ 30 V

 from the detection line  16,5 V ÷ 24,6 V

 from the detection line 16,5 V ÷ 24,6 V

 Power consumption

 max 30 mA / 12 V

 max 15 mA / 24 V


 Current consumption from the detection line  

 < 150 μA

 < 250 μA

 Alarm thresholds

PSG-6001: A1 = 10% A2 = 20% A3 = 30% LEL methane (selective)

PSG-6002: A1 = 10% A2 = 20% A3 = 30% LEL propane-butane (50/50)

PSG-6x03: A1 = 30 ppm CO (TWA 15 min.) A2 = 60 ppm CO (TWA 15 min.) A3 = 150 ppm (exceeded for at least 60 s) according to PN-EN 50545-1

Working conditions

 -20 ÷ 50 °C humidity 10 ÷ 90 %

The storage conditions

 0 ÷ 40 °C humidity 10 ÷ 80 %

 Protection level

​ IP54 (in the recommended mounting position)

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