TLD-6000 Detection Loop Tester is a device which is purposed to perform diagnostics and configuration operations on POLON 6000/4000 loop devices. The complete set contains TLD-6000 device and POLON.tester 6000 PC software.

TLD-6000 is designed to launch, operation verify, fault diagnostics and detection loop specific parameters measurements (including installed loop devices) for POLON 6000/4000 system, with no need to connect alarm panel.


TLD-6000 performs the functions:

-             measurement for current drawn by detection loop,

-             measurement of voltage in specific points of detection loop,

-             measurement of detection loop wires resistance,

-             measurement of total resistance added with loop devices,

-             earthling fault detection on +L/-L wires,

-             loop start and return swap with software,

-             software controlled load addition on the detection loop within 0..100mA range,

-             measurement for voltage and time parameters of detection loop,

-             single or multiple command request for loop device and response analysys,

-             sampling for selected part of loop transmission to memory and save data to PC,

-             monitoring of detection loop transmission with data display and detection device filtering,

-             detection devices configuration, detection loop topology verification,

-             loop devices testing,


Device is equipped with micro USB connector which allows to use power from PC USB port, USB power adapter or PowerBank battery unit. The intuitive and user friendly POLON.tester 6000 allows connection with any loop device (detector, MCP, I/O device, etc.), make its configuration, review its status, readout of specific parameters. Application allows for loop configuration, configuration save and import configuration from panel. The application allows to print test reports and system configuration. TLD-6000 set contains power adapter, USB cable for PC connection and appropriate software. Whole set is shipped in comfortable bag.

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