Adressable Sounder Beacon


Addressable Sounder Beacon SAB-6001 are designed for acoustic and optical fire signaling in a tone. They can work only in addressable detection lines / loops of the POLON 6000 and POLON 4000 fire alarm control panels. For correct operation, the element requires the presence of two supply voltages:
- from the detection line
- from an external power supply.


Electronic circuits of the signaling device with a piezoelectric transducer are placed in a housing made of a red flame retardant material. The housing has a place to put and connect the battery. The signaling device works with the G-40S socket, also made of flame-retardant plastic. The socket is delivered complete with the siren. There is a terminal block in the socket with screwless terminals for connecting installation wires. The terminal block has six terminals, two pairs marked "+" and "-" as the detector line input and output, and two terminals for connecting an external power supply.


tone, optical, acustic, low current





Supply voltage

(non-addressable) 9.6VDC - 30VDC

Supply voltage from detection line

16.5VDC - 24.6VDC

Supply voltage of external power supply unit

9.6VDC - 30VDC

Current consumption from external power supply

≤ 170µA with 24 VDC supply with 24 VDC supply

Power consumption in alarm mode


Sound level

to 103dB

Operating temperature range

from -25°C to 55°C

Housing ingress protection

IP 21C


Ф 115x94 mm



Other parameters

acc. to PN-EN 54-3

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