Conventional Sounder Beacon


Conventional Sounder Beacon SAB-6102 are designed for acoustic and optical fire signaling in a tone. They have the ability to synchronize the emitted acoustic and optical signals within a group of signaling devices operating in one acoustic and optical space and to mute with an additional button. They are designed to work with all fire alarm control panels that provide the appropriate supply voltage at their outputs.

The main part of the signaling device is a piezoelectric transducer used to generate an acoustic signal and a LED diode with a lens placed on the head of the signaling device. The whole is placed in a housing made of non-flammable material, which consists of: a basket, a cover and a screen. SAB-6102 cooperates with the G-40SK socket, to which the power cables and optionally the synchronization cables are connected.


tone, optical, acustic, low current





Supply voltage

9.6VDC - 32.5VDC

Current consumption from external power supply

≤ 130µA with 24 VDC supply with 24 VDC supply

Power consumption in alarm mode


Sound level

to 105dB

Operating temperature range

from -25°C to 55°C

Housing ingress protection

IP 21C


Ф 115x94 mm



Other parameters

acc. to PN-EN 54-3

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